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Wet oak leaves on the forest floor

Thinking of People in New York

A mix of photos from people living in New York City
Like most of  you I’m sure, I’m still liv­ing in deni­al with last Tuesday’s elec­tion res­ults south of the bor­der. While I hold very little hope that President-elect Trump (I can’t believe I actu­ally typed that) will do the right thing—I’m a little more of a real­ist than an optimist—the one advant­age from the elect­or­al res­ult is that the Demo­crat­ic party now has an oppor­tun­ity to rebuild itself closer to what its’ base would like. You might be inter­ested in read­ing this opin­ion piece writ­ten by Bernie Sanders for the New York Times. In the inter­im, let’s hope the world makes it to the next round of elec­tions.

On a pos­it­ive note, I finally fin­ished pro­cessing my pho­tos from New York. I leave you with the image above which fea­tures a mix of people from that great city.

Conferences, Conferences

Activity at Grand Central Station
Yeah, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post. Just last week, I was at a work-related con­fer­ence in Cal­gary. And this week it’s Jennifer’s turn. Lucky for us, the kids have been busy with school.

As it stands, I’ve had very little time to work on my pho­tos. Week­ends con­tin­ue to serve as a whirl­wind of activity—mostly shopping—to handle tasks that can’t be done dur­ing the week. I did man­age to fin­ish pro­cessing the pho­tos from our trip to Muskoka but I still have a full day’s worth of shots from New York City. Hon­estly, that’s a good thing because it’s an exper­i­ence I truly enjoy.

For now, I’ll leave you with this pho­to from Grand Cent­ral Sta­tion. I love these ornate chan­deliers and the repeated tex­ture of the stone­work. The people walk­ing and their shad­ows across the floor also add some nice dimen­sion and wel­comed motion to the scene.


A rusted old Dodge in a field in Muskoka

Hey, do you like my truck?

Did you notice the grain of the steel? How about the water drops on the head­lights and fend­ers? Any chance I enjoyed shoot­ing this?


A series of Muskokan photos

We were lucky enough to spend some time with our friends Effi and Larry’s up at their cot­tage in Muskoka this week­end. It was a quick affair with us driv­ing up after work on Fri­day, then return­ing home this morn­ing. The real pur­pose of the trip was to take in the Fall col­ours and to check out the Bala Cran­berry Fest­ival.

On Sat­urday morn­ing we drove up to Johnston’s Cran­berry Marsh shortly after they’d opened. The day was glor­i­ously sunny and warm, with a clear blue skies and the trees in full col­our. We star­ted with a wag­on tour which drove around a few cran­berry marshes. The tour was quite inform­at­ive and the guide quick with the wit. For example, did you know that cran­ber­ries were ori­gin­ally called crane­ber­ries? But when the First Nations people texted the name to the early set­tlers, auto-correct changed it to cran­ber­ries. 😉

While we missed an oppor­tun­ity to wade in a flooded bog, Mat­thew and I did go for a heli­copter ride (Larry & Effi went for their own trip as well). It was my first time in a chop­per and the trip, although short at only 10 minutes, was fant­ast­ic. I was sur­prised by a couple of things. For one, it doesn’t quite feel like fly­ing in a fixed wing air­craft, even in a smal­ler Cessna. While you feel the wind buf­feting the air­craft as you would in a smal­ler plane, there’s less of a sense of fly­ing. Secondly, I fully expec­ted the climb and des­cent to feel like rid­ing in an elev­at­or, but it didn’t.

As you can see by the main pic­ture how­ever, the view was spec­tac­u­lar.

Fol­low­ing our aer­i­al trip, we hopped a shuttle (school) bus to the nearby town of Bala to check out oth­er activ­it­ies, the high­light of which was eat­ing a cranberry-cream cheese spring roll. Words can­not do it justice. We milled about for a couple of hours before head­ing back. All in all, it was a won­der­ful out­ing.

This morn­ing, before head­ing back home, I took the oppor­tun­ity to shoot the trees and fog float­ing across Ada Lake. This is one of the many shots I came away. At some point I’ll get to look­ing through the oth­ers; trouble is, I still haven’t fin­ished work­ing on my pho­tos from New York. I need to spend some time at home!

Eternally Thankful

A view of some islands at Devil LakeWrap­ping up yet another busy week­end, this one filled with travel, traf­fic, much laughter and pre­cious time with fam­ily.

Stopped the Pathfind­er on the way home today to cap­ture this lovely pho­to along the Per­th Road (High­way 10) across from Vander­bilts Island on Dev­il Lake. Love that Thom­sonesque tree on the right.